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Finalists announcement

2019/11/11 (Mon)

Finals upload deadline

201/12/09 (Mon) 17:00


Registration period

2019/10/7(Mon) 23:59

Register deadline

From now on

Microfilm Preliminary


  • Write a microfilm script proposal according to the competition theme.

  • According to the theme of the competition, find an actual case within your expertise and write a script proposal for the microfilm.

  • Each team’s proposal must be uploaded to the assigned cloud drive before 2019/10/27 (Sun) 23:59.

  • The nine teams with the best scores will move on to the finals.

2019/10/14 (Mon) 10:00-16:30

Preliminary upload deadline

Preliminary upload


2019/10/27 (Sun) 23:59

2019/12/13 (Fri)

Microfilm Finals

  • Film a microfilm based on the abovementioned proposal.

  • Teams in the finals must complete a 10-15 minute long microfilm (title and credits included) based on their proposal. The films will be played on the day of the finals in a random order. The judges will hold a five-minute Q&A session after the film has been played. If the contestants are not present, the team will be considered to have abstained.

  • Each team’s work must be uploaded to the assigned cloud drive before 2019/12/9 (Mon) 17:00. Otherwise, the team will be considered to have abstained.

  • All members of the finals’ team must be the same members as in the preliminary round. If any team needs to change a member because of a force majeure, it may only change one member, and the organizers must be informed before the finals.

  • Film types and equipment are not limited. It would be advisable to add narration, subtitles, production team, and special thanks, but the school name and department must not be displayed.

  • Each team must hand in a DVD of the film and authorize the association to use the materials for competition-related publicity.

  • The video format should only be wmv, mp4, or avi, resolution 1920 x 1080 (or above). Low-level formats are not accepted; please keep the master tapes for all entries; tapes that are handed in will not be returned.

  • The advisory committee will decide on the top three teams and award trophies and the prize money.

​Judges and Criteria

Preliminary | Three experts with a related background will serve as members of the advisory committee to mark the preliminary works.

Finals | Five experts with a microfilm background or a business management background will serve as the judges for the finals.

Subject Compliance








  • The format of the microfilm script proposal will be explained during the pre-competition workshop or along with the announcement of the theme for the preliminary round.

  • The script proposal should include the title of the film, the introduction of the team, the film crew, actors, the synopsis, script, storyboard, equipment used, and shooting plan.

  • The copyright of the film will belong to the participants. However, the copyright must be transferred to the Chinese Business Ethics Education Association and Sinyi Culture Foundation if the film wins an award.

  • In order to ensure that the entries promote the goodwill of companies and society in the future, contestants must agree to authorize the main and co-organizers to use their participating materials for free in various media formats (including public publication, public display, public broadcasting, video and graphic promotion, photography, reproduction, modification, editing, printing, distribution, publishing, web page production, download transmission, advertising, broadcasting, etc.). This includes granting the same rights to a third party. The participants must agree to the main and co-organizers reserving the right to use these materials for three years.


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