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 Case Analysis

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Case Analysis Preliminary

Registration period


23:59 Registration deadline

  • The ethics case competition is divided into a preliminary round and the finals. In the preliminary round, the contestants will analyze and report on the assigned case.

  • Each team’s work must be uploaded to the assigned cloud drive before 2019/10/27 (Sun) 23:59.

  • The nine teams with the best scores will move on to the finals.

Preliminary upload


2019/10/14 (Mon) 10:00-16:30


2019/10/27 (Sun) 23:59



Finalists announcement

2019/11/11 (Mon)

Finals upload deadline

201/12/09 (Mon) 17:00


2019/12/13 (Fri)

Case Analysis Finals

  • Case Analysis Finals

  • For the finals, the theme “technology ethics” will explore five aspects with a total of fifteen issues, and each team must pick one of the fifteen issues and write up a case study and conduct a case analysis.

  • Each team’s work must be uploaded to the assigned cloud drive before 2019/12/9 (Mon) 17:00. Otherwise, the team will be considered to have abstained.

  • All members of the team in the finals must be the same as in the preliminary round. If any team needs to change a member because of a force majeure, they may change no more than one member, and must inform the organizers before the finals.

  • The finals will be conducted through presentations in person. The shortlisted teams will be put into a random order by the organizers and asked to give a ten-minute presentation. The next team up and the judges will each issue one question for the Q&A session (i.e., after the first team’s presentation, the second team will issue a question; after the second team’s presentation, the third team will issue a question, and so on; after the ninth team’s presentation, the first team will issue a question).

  • The advisory committee will decide on the top three teams and award trophies and the prize money.

Judges & Criteria

Preliminary | Three business ethics scholars will serve as members of the advisory committee to mark the preliminary works.

Case issue identification 30%

Finding the main problem and analyzing it, according to the contents of the case.

Case question answering 30%

Providing suggestions and solutions for the issue found.

Inspired by business ethics 25%

The insights implicitly imply ethical principles that other companies can take into consideration.

Report format 15%

The format of the written report is neat, organized, pleasing to the eye, and easy to read.


Finals | Five business ethics scholars will serve as the judges for the finals.

Case issue identification 30%

Provide suggestions and feasible solutions according to the main problem of the case.


Content structure and organization 35%

PowerPoint, content completion, logical clarity, clear assumptions and interpretation, good control of time, and moderate

visual assistance.


Answering 25%

Answering techniques and responses, and whether the answer properly addresses the question.


Team performance 10%

The overall image, teamwork, and attendance of the team.

 Case Analysis

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